Our spring term in Al-Farsi has been filled with many thrilling learning experiences. We have had the amazing opportunity in visiting Blackpool Zoo to see many wild animals, meet Mr Willy Wonka himself on World Book Day, raise lots of money for Red Nose day and even partake in visiting Blackburn’s beautiful Cathedral. All of these exciting experiences have been valuable in contributing towards our learning.


‘Stories with issues and dilemmas’ have been the centre of attention in Year 4 with particular focus on the Dancing Bear. We delved into this novel and put ourselves within the shoes of character alongside allowing the story to inspire our own writing!

Question would you take a helpless, innocent, orphaned bear cub out of the forest?


Angles and graphs were topics in Al-Farsi last term. We compared and studied different quadrilaterals and identified acute, obtuse, right-angles and even reflex angles.  We also learnt how to show our data through different graphs and charts e.g. bar charts, tally charts, line graphs and pictograms. We also collected our own data and created a chart of our own!


Our topic for science this term was living things. We looked at different classes of species (vertebrates and invertebrates) and the animal food chain. Our most enjoyable part was learning about the 5 different groups of vertebrates.

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