Spring term 2 in year 4 has been heaving full of exciting new learning experiences. We have been exploring stories with issues and dilemmas, writing persuasive text and discovering performance poetry. All of these enjoyable lessons have been an incredible aid to our learning, which has contributed to the hard work produced in all the fascinating topics that we have been studying. English

‘Stories with issues and dilemmas’ has been the talk of the classroom this term as we have been exploring a renowned novel by Michael Murpurgo, titled ‘The Dancing Bear’. Children were immersed in this emotional tale set high in the mountains, in a tiny village, where an abandoned bear cub is adopted by a lonely orphan child. Soon they are the best of friends, beloved by the whole village – safe, until the arrival of a glamorous film crew who need a dancing bear. Children explored many other titles with a range of issues and dilemmas (for example Sam’s Duck). We used these stories to make comparisons, identify and annotate text features used by authors. This facilitated children’s ideas towards writing their own adaptations of stories which raise issues and dilemmas. Children took many notes from the stories read, they explored the setting and the characters they met along the way. This inspired some heart-warming stories written by the children which raised intricate issues and dilemmas through the use of emotive language.


In maths, Barakah have been focusing on place value, short formal methods of multiplication and division, Geometry (angles) and Statistical data (interpreting charts and graphs). They have been solving two-step word problems and using a range of strategies to help them choose the correct method to solve a problem. This term we have continued to carry out many maths investigation lessons to help children to deepen their mathematical abilities and to learn to use and apply their knowledge to real-life problems.


We have continued the topic of Living things and their habitats this term. Children have looked further into environmental changes in the world, for example global warming, which is an imminent threat to our world. We explored and compared the natural and man-made threats to animals who we share our planet with, concluding that man-made threats were severely harming and decreasing our wildlife population. Our trip this term to Blackpool Zoo was significant in helping us to understand the importance of sustainability and efforts made towards conservation of endangered species in our world.

R.E Religious education has been a riveting read this half term! We have been looking into the topic ‘Remembering (Easter)’ in which we discovered the origins of this magnificent celebration. We learnt many events that took place during the Holy week, which included the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It was interesting to explore how Jesus was depicted through the eyes of many artists through their paintings and the way in which Easter was celebrated differently across the world. The children’s most memorable visit during this topic was to St Chad’s to celebrate the Easter event in real life and share knowledge about Easter with their pen pals, who belong to the Christian faith. Our favourite activity was the Easter egg hunt in the beautiful garden area at St Chad’s Primary school. We had a wonderful time with our link school, it helped to bring the celebration to life!


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