Bint Abee Bakr

Bint Abee Bakr

Bonjourno! Aloha! Nín hǎo! Konichiwa! Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Bint Abee Bakr class page, read and have a browse of all the wonderful and exciting things we have been working on this term. Enjoy!


In Numeracy we have been learning about shape, space and measures. We now know that there are 100 centimetres in a metre, 1000 metres in kilometre, 100 millilitres in a litre and 1000 grams in kilogram. We loved learning about this topic and even spent an entire afternoon taking part in the measures extravaganza Miss prepared for us.

We measured how heights, hands, classes, strings, the capacity of different bottles, the weight of different foods and objects. It was brilliant!


In literacy we have been learning to write non-chronological reports and traditional tales.

We now know how to organize and structure non-chronological reports so that that the reader can learn about a variety of topics all about one subject. We now know how to use subheadings, captions and paragraphs to make our writing more interesting.

We also loved learning strange and fascinating facts about the Romans! For example, did you know that some wealthy, powerful Romans loved to eat ancient Roman delicacies such as peacock brains, flamingo’s tongues and snails fattened up on milk? It’s true! They simply couldn’t resist them!

We have also been learning about how to improve our story writing skills by adding interesting adverbs and adjectives to show how the character might be feeling through their actions.

Read the paragraph below to see if you can spot all the exciting verbs and adverbs which display the characters feelings.


There was a loud crash and from underneath the large, heavy doors green smoke rose up and filled the room. Suddenly a strange shape came looming towards the child. It was Maleficent (the dark mistress of all evil). She marched towards the child glaring at all the other guests, flaring her nostrils. Suddenly she stopped and screeched loudly to frighten everyone, “Well, well, well…..quite a glittering assemblage King Stephen” Merriweather glared at her in anger.


In case you want to know how to make your story as awesome as ours, here’s a list of things that could help you:

  • Opening, building up, problem, resolution and an ending
  • Conjunctions: and, but, so, because, however, yet, as, whereas
  • Story openers: once upon a time, the next day, that day, later on
  • Similes
  • Relative clauses
  • Speech marks
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Powerful verbs and adverbs
  • Commands
  • Exclamation sentences
  • Questions


This term one of the most interesting topics we looked at was forces and motion. Here we learnt about pushes and pulls and how we can see the effects of these forces in everyday life. We also briefly touched up on the topic of gravity and we now know this a force too.

Now we’re learning about world renowned, famous scientists such as Edward Jenner and Rosalind Franklin and their famous discoveries. We know they are excellent role models for us and how we can be like them by being persistent, inventive and determined to explore.


We learnt about the Islamic and Christian version of the Easter story and how Jesus’ action affect Muslims and Christians today. One of our favourite lessons was acting out jesus’ arrival to Jerusalem on his donakey and how the people cried out “Hossana!”


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