Bint Qays

Bint Qays

Hello! We are a fun-loving, keen to learn group of 5 and 6 year olds, who thoroughly enjoy our time in school.

In Literacy, we have been learning about non-fiction books, in particular one about Egypt! We found out lots of information and even followed a recipe and made our own hummus in class. Most of us thought it tasted lovely, but a few children didn’t like it.  We found out about Egyptian markets and bazaars and some of the other food they sell, like baklava, which is a sticky honey dessert.

In Science, we learnt all about our bodies, starting with naming various body parts. We looked at a skeleton so we could look more closely at the different bones and how they work. Also, we thought of ways to keep our bodies in great shape, both at home and in school, plus what exercise we can do too!


In RE we have been learning about the Muslim and Christian faiths, including the different versions of the Easter story. We have discovered that there are lots of similarities between these two faiths, as well as some differences. Also, we were lucky enough to have a Jewish visitor, who told us about the preparations she makes for Shabbat (Jewish holy day, every Saturday). She brought several things for us to look at, as well as answering lots of our questions. It was great fun to learn about other faiths!  Below is a picture of our visitor, along with some of the artefacts she so kindly shared with us.

In the Summer term, we are learning about Prime Ministers and influential people. We will be finding out what a Prime Minister does and how they are chosen for the job. Maybe one of us will be Prime Minister one day – who knows?

Oh and by the way, we also have teachers in Bint Qays too – Mrs Pope and Miss Patel. They like to help us with our learning, just in case we get stuck!  Thanks for reading our page.

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