Ibn Abee Taalib

Ibn Abee Taalib

A warm welcome to Ibn Abee Taalib’s class page

WOW! In Ibn Abee Taalib, we feel very special as we have successfully completed our first half term in Year 6! We are the first ever Year 6 class in any of the Olive schools in the country and we would like to show our appreciation for this honour.

We have had an amazing start to this year, with so many exciting events going on. We feel so fortunate and privileged that the Olive school are providing us with unforgettable, memorable experiences.

We believe that having a fabulous environment in which to learn will be a key component to have a successful year. In this vital year, we believe that character development and reflection are key components to our classroom success and we wanted our classroom environment to mirror our ethos. Check out our classroom images below:

Please read below some of the tremendous learning that has taken place in our class so far this year.

Inspire Maths

We are using exciting Inspire Maths which was introduced to our school last year. We are building our understanding with regards to what numbers really mean and look like in the real world! Inspire maths is going to make us marvellous mathematicians. We may become maths professors soon after having the opportunity to using amazing, fabulous new resources as seen below:

Reading Super Learning Day

We had a memorable Super Learning Day as part of celebrating the lives of significant authors. The literal, inference and deduction skills in reading were reinforced and we were given timely reminders of how we can apply these skills within our reading. Check out the images below:

Roald Dahl Show

We celebrated the national Roald Dahl day in September. We came together as a year group and celebrated his magnificent life together. See below:

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