Ibn Al Awwaam

Hello to everyone from Ibn Al-Awaam,

Our theme for the term was ‘Caring for Our Word’ . The children have learnt fascinating facts on environmental pollution and how they could help reduce, reuse and recycle. Children thoroughly enjoyed getting into rhythm by creating their ‘Slam poetry’ on recycling.


Ibn Al-Awaam have been looking at instructions and explanation texts. Children made delicious cheese cake by following a set of instructions.

Children also had the opportunity to go and watch a science show (at Manchester Museum) on new materials, which helped them write an explanation for the steps for each task.

We have explored Slam and Classic poetry (William Blake) having a go at demonstrating the emotional style when presenting it.

We are now moving onto learning about the wonderful work of Shakespeare. Children are performing and examining the art of dramatic performance and exploring a range of his famous plays (Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and King Lear) poems and sonnets.



Children have been using the CPA approach (concrete, Pictoral, Abstract) which has provided an excellent scope for learning and grasping new concepts.

Ibn Al-Awaam have been looking at long multiplication and division, finding prime numbers up to 100 as well as identifying factors and multiples. We have explored converting length of objects and items in and around the school. Furthermore, we have calculated the area and perimeter or rectilinear shapes.

Year 5 have worked extremely hard at getting to grips with basic Algebra and learning about BODMAS through interactive resources and practical tasks.



What’s invisible to the human eye, thinner than a human hair and 200 times tougher than steel? Graphene.

Children have had a fantastic opportunity to explore properties and changes of materials by visiting the Manchester Science Museum where they learnt about Graphene: a super lightweight; super conductive and super strong material discovered in the 21st century.

Children have learnt about the three states of matter, properties of materials though solubility & thermal conductivity. We have explored separating materials using a range of methods, discuss the formation of new materials & we have learnt that some changes are irreversible.


Linking with our theme of caring for the world, we have been looking at where all our stuff comes from. We discovered the journey of chocolate, and where from around the world our food and clothes come from.


Art/ DT

In design technology, Year 5 have been looking at up-cycling recyclable materials into garments which we can wear. This entailed looking at how materials can be manipulated and formed to fit a set criterion.



Ibn Al-Awaam have been focussing on caring for the environment; recycling, effects of pollution and our duty to care for the earth. We have examined the Islamic, Judaeo-Christian, and Hinduism perspective on looking after our world.

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