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A warm welcome to Ibn Jabal. Thank you for visiting our page. We can’t believe it’s already been a full term at the new Olive School!

Winter has come and gone and we are now truly into the Spring season. Here’s hoping for a brighter (and warmer) weather! Spring term has been another incredible journey for everyone. The stand out has to be the visit of the hugely talented Arabic calligraphy artist Ismail Hussain as well as the actor Aqib Khan! The children were provided with a bite-size workshop into the art of Arabic calligraphy, which came with an authentic certificate (have a look at some below!). The school has now been lifted with someone amazing pieces of art, not to mention the 99 names placed around the hall. It looks incredible!


Year 4 have been learning about stories from other cultures varying from the warmth of the Amazon to the chilly practices of the Russian culture. The Greek culture was dissected further and we learnt some fascinating things. Did you know that in Greece, meat would only be eaten only once a week or during special events? OPA! Performance poetry was also introduced and year 4 have had an entertaining time: even performing in front of each classes. Obviously Ibn Jabal were the best performers!


Fractions was the topic of the last half term in year 4. Understanding what fractions are, being able to add/subtract fractions, convert fractions into decimals as well as spotting equivalent fractions. We even moved on to converting mixed and improper fractions. That’s moving into year 5! Year 4 also refreshed their memory with area and perimeter: using different manipulates to help answer questions. Its not just about writing answers, showing and explaining ideas can help deepen understanding.


Year 4 have been learning about ‘Living things and their habitats’, specifically looking the different groups of vertebrates and using different ways to classify them. Do you know all the different groups of vertebrates (hint: there are 5 groups and humans are in one of them)?

A story from Mu’adh Ibn Jabal

(To the nearest meaning) Mu’adh Ibn Jabal reported:

“When the Messenger of Allah (saw) sent me to Yemen, he said: ‘Do not pass any judgment or make any decision except on the basis of what you know. If you are uncertain about a matter, wait until you understand it fully, or write to me concerning it.”


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