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Well! What a fantastic half term we have had!


In Literacy this half term we have studied the story of Hansel and Gretel. Orally rehearsing and re-writing the story. Our story writing is amazing! We had to write in the past tense, use adjectives, speech, complex sentences, adverbials of time, relative clauses and so much more! One day we might even become famous authors. We also studied India! This was non-fiction writing which we had to learn a whole new set of skills for. We had to learn how to use glossaries, dictionaries, index and contents page while using different writing skills as well! Our favourite part of learning about India was our super learning day!


In maths we studied money, measures, multiplication and division, shape and time. We have used so many different resources to support us with our learning. We even had a measuring extravaganza where we had to use all different units of measure and be able to count up using different scales. We found time quite difficult but we didn’t give up! We just practiced and practiced using matching cards, clocks, time dice and we even used our time at the end of the day to teach and test each other using the clocks.


In topic we studied India. Amazingly, we received a package from a little girl called Anjali and she sent us some items to help us learn about India. We wrote letters to her comparing our country to hers and she always wrote back! She seemed like a lovely little girl. We learnt all about her village, the types of houses they live in, her school and physical and human features of India and England.


In RE we learnt about sharing and conservation. We had to act as different countries and trade our food with other countries. However, once we had eaten it all we all had none left. This is when we realised we need to conserve some in order to grow more so that we can sell or trade. We received a letter from Christian Aid and they asked us to Make posters for them so that people would want to help raise money for other countries such as Kenya.


In science we learnt about different animals and their habitats. We received a video from a Blackpool Zoo keeper to find out information about animals, plants and their habitats. We also classified animals and sorted them into herbivores, carnivore and omnivores.


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