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Governor Information

Full Name Date of Appoint. Type of Appoint. Term of Office Date of Resignation Governor Attendance 2019/20  Pecuniary Interests Declared 2019/20
Faruk Dasu Re-appointed Sept 2017 Trust 4 Years 3/3 None
Ismail Adam Re-appointed Sept 2017 Trust 4 Years 2/3 None
Suhal Bux Re-appointed Sept 2017 Trust 4 Years 3/3 None
Suhail Patel Re-appointed Sept 2017 Trust 4 Years 31/08/2020 2/3 None
Fayaz Bharucha Re-appointed Nov 2018 Trust 4 Years 3/3 None
Shaistha Master Re-appointed March 2018 Trust 4 Years 2/3 None
Latifa Patel Jan 2017 Parent 4 Years 3/3 None
Ashif Patel Jul 2018 Parent 4 Years 3/3 None
Amnaz Begum Mar 2019 Staff 4 Years 2/3 None
Seema Riaz April 2019 Principal Term of employment 3/3 None

Note: All Governors are appointed for a 4-year term of office, except for the Principal, who occupies the office whilst in post

The Spring 2020 Local Governing Body meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Register of Business Interests Declared 2020-21

Full Name Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date from
Faruk Dasu

Star Academies

Light Trust





Suhal Bux

Lammack Community Association

Hoist Finance



Jul 2020

Sept 2018

Ismail Adam None N/A N/A
Fayaz Bharucha None N/A N/A
Ashif Patel Lammack Primary School Governor (Vice Chair) 01/04/2008
Shaistha Master None N/A N/A
Latifa Patel Halal Monitoring Committee Employee, School Inspector 03/07/2017
Amnaz Begum None N/A N/A
Smeena Riaz None N/A N/A
The Olive School, Blackburn

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