Al Farsi Autumn 1

A hearty welcome to Al-Farsi.

Thank you for visiting our page. It’s been a very busy yet exciting first term.

Our first half term has been wonderful with lots of fantastic, new and exciting learning taken place. We took a step in to the past with our exciting trip to Samlesbury Hall and experienced the life of a person during the Tudor times, under the rule of the ruthless King Henry VIII.


Al-Farsi used their trip to Samlesbury Hall as inspiration within our English lessons when studying ‘Stories with Historical settings’ whilst learning lots of gruesome, interesting facts about the Tudor period. The children particularly enjoyed reading the book ‘The Thief, The Fool and The Big Fat King’ which was a fantastic stimulus when it came to creating their very own Tudor stories.

Al-Farsi have also been studying non-fiction text, and immersed themselves into a range of different text looking and observing their different features and then creating their own pieces.



Al-Farsi have been studying on place value to 100,000 and statistics, and have our own tally chart, bar chart and line graphs. We have also been learnt new mathematical vocabulary as well for example: sub variable, value, estimate, axis etc.


Year 4 have been learning about the human eye, its different functions and the causes of blindness and how we can help looking after our eyes. We’ve even learnt why some people wear glasses and why others don’t!

Interesting fact – Out of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are the most active.

Children carried out an investigation to see whether they had a dominant eye and were even visited by the opticians.

Class Book

Al-farsi have selected Kensuke’s Kingdom as their class novel. A fantastic book which had the children gripping the ends of their seats, awaiting to find out if young Micheal will ever see his parents and the Peggy Sue again!

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