Al Farsi Spring 1

Welcome back to Al-Farsi. Thank you for visiting our page. It’s already been whole, time flies when leaning is fun!

Spring 1 has been an eventful learning journey for everyone, including teachers! One of super learning days was centred around our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.AW) a day for the children to learn about one the greatest man to walk this Earth! We learnt how to follow in the prophet’s footsteps and teachings through learning about the sunnahs and qualities he possessed.


The topic this term in English has been ‘Stories from other fluctuating from the heat of the Sahara desert to the ice cold climates of the Antarctic. The Chinese culture was studied further and we discovered many interesting things. Performance poetry was also introduced and year 4 have had an enjoyable time: we even got to perform in front of the other year 4 classes!


Al-Farsi have also been working on decimal place values, tenths, hundredths and thousandths! We’ve also merged this into fractions and learnt about how to solve a range different fractions for example how to convert an improper fraction into a mixed fraction! Tricky stuff!

Art & R.E

For our Art topic Al-Farsi have been making our very own Byzantine Mosaics. The pieces the children created were amazing and had to be displayed outside our classroom. Each mosaic symbolises a short story.

The children also got to experience an R.E inter faith week: taking the time to both learn and understand different faiths and why they are so sacred to people. What the children found most interesting was the amount of similarities all the faiths had compared to Islam.

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