Barakah Autumn 1

The Blissful Barakah

Welcome to the Blissful Barakah.   Firstly, we thank you for visiting our webpage.  It has been an incredibly busy half term.   We have done some amazing learning.  If you want to know more about our learning, enjoy what’s coming next.


We started off the half term with poetry.  Annotating and analysing a range of poems, we learnt about the various features of poems and also had a go at writing our own!!  After our stint of poetry, we moved onto learning about historical settings based on the Tudor period. We wrote our own incredible, interesting stories based on a tale called, ‘The fool, the thief and the big fat king.’  Not only was this a humorous book but it also took us back into Tudor times.


We have been very busy mathematicians focusing mainly on place value and data.  We’ve been looking at the value of numbers, ordering them and we can also read and represent 6 digit numbers now! The use of the CPA approach has greatly helped everyone’s learning.  After mastering place value, we moved onto data.  Now we can create our own data, decide on variables and sub-variables and also read and interpret line graphs! Woah that’s alot! It sure is.


Year 4 have been learning about the human eye and how it works. In the process, we have conducted numerous experiments to help further our understanding of the cornea, iris and the retina.  Fortunately, we were also graced with a visit by professional optometrists who spent the whole afternoon furthering our understanding on this subject matter!

Samlesbury Hall

Finally, how can we forget to tell you about Samlesbury Hall! What an incredible visit! Master Tom inspired us with his Tudor tales and Tudor dancing and Mistress Marjorie had us in fits of giggles with her humorous jokes about the selfish King Henry VIII.  We had a guided tour of the antique building and its breathtaking lawns.

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