Barakah Spring 1

The Amazing Barakah

Welcome to the amazing Barakah!   We have been busy Bees this term.  Enjoy reading about our learning…


We started off the half term with performance poetry.  We began by annotating poems by Alan Ahlberg and the incredibly talented Michael Rosen.  Having explored various forms of poetry, we began performing these as a class.  After our incredibly lively and animated performances we began learning about stories from different cultures. We explored various cultures, such as the Chinese, Greek and Russian cultures.  This helped write our own version of a Chinese cultural story.


We have been very busy mathematicians focusing mainly on geometry and shape.  We’ve been learning about angles, how to name them, measure them and draw them.  If that’s not enough, we have also learnt about horizontal and vertical lines and how they correspond to parallel and perpendicular lines.  Woah that’s a lot! It sure is.


Year 4 have been learning about the human ear and how it functions.  We learnt about the different parts of the ear and their role in ensuring it functions accurately.  We were also privileged to have the company of an experienced audiologist who taught us more about the human ear.

Incredible Learning Days

Finally, how can we forget to tell you about Women’s Science Day! On this day we learnt about the contribution by successful women to modern science today.  We studied the famous conservationist Joy Adamson.  The incredible Miss Jadoon organised a fantastic assembly with three confident female professionals in the fields of medicine and engineering.

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