Barakah Spring 2


Welcome to the amazing Barakah.   Firstly, we thank you for visiting our webpage.  Although it has been a short term,it has been incredibly busy like usual.   We have done some amazing learning once again.  If you want to know more about our learning, enjoy what’s coming next.


We started off the half term with learning to write stories with dilemmas.  Emotionally charged whilst reading The Dancing Bear, we learnt how the amazing author Michael Morpurgo includes mini dilemmas in his stories to engage the reader.  Having read this alongside one of his other famous books  – Sam’s Duck, we attempted to write our own stories with dilemmas.


We have been very busy mathematicians focusing mainly on decimals and fractions. We’ve been learning about the place value of decimals and ordering them on number lines.  Thereafter, we have been busy studying fractions.  We have learnt how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa.  If that’s not enough we have been finding fractions of sets.


Year 4 have been learning about electricity in Science.  We have learnt how basic circuits work and what materials make good conductors and insulators. We have also been testing these materials inside circuits.

Blackpool Zoo

Finally, to complete the half term and our learning, we went on an educational visit to Blackpool Zoo.  We had a tremendous time meeting all the different animals.  We also had the opportunity to learn about conservation with the Zoo experts.

The Olive School, Blackburn

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