Bint Abee Bakr Autumn 1

Bint Abee Bakr

Bonjourno! Aloha! Nín hǎo! Konichiwa! Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Bint Abee Bakr class page. Read about and browse all the wonderful and exciting things we have been working on this term. Enjoy!


In Numeracy we have been learning to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers.  We can do this using the column method and we’re great at regrouping.

Have a go at some of these calculations to see if you’re as good as us:

535 – 123 =

781 – 272 =

365 + 135 =

177 + 267 =


In literacy we have been learning to write stories, instructions, poems and information texts!

We now know how to record and write recipes, research topics and make notes, write poems and fairy tales. Some of us can even cook for ourselves!

Please note: when we say ‘cook’ what we actually mean is make Greek salads, toast and cereal.

Here we are making salads:

One of our favourite fairy tales was Little Red Riding, and we learnt to re-tell the story by changing the character and the setting. Our story was set in London and our main character was called ‘Little Red Riding Hoodie’ who had to escape from the clutches of a devious, sinister villain.

In case you want to know how to make your story as awesome as ours, here’s a list of things that could help you:

  • Opening, building up, problem, resolution and an ending
  • Conjunctions: and, but, so, because, however, yet, as, whereas
  • Story openers: once upon a time, the next day, that day, later on
  • Similes
  • Speech marks
  • Adjectives


This term one of the most interesting topics we looked at was Materials and their uses in everyday life, we explored materials such as: plastic, metal, fabric, wood and glass. We found out that some materials are man-made and others are natural and come from the earth.  We have also been learning about animals including humans and are learning some fascinating facts about the human body.

For example, did you know that the smallest bone in the human body in in the ear?


In Art and DT we have been exploring Ancient Egyptian Art. We are practising writing Egyptian hieroglyphics in clay and will proceed to making canopic jars for mummy organs!

Closer to the time of making the sarcophgus our teachers will ask you to send in a 500ml empty Ribena bottle like this:

It’s the perfect shape for an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.


We have been learning about special places of worship; we now know the key features of Churches, Mosques and Gurudwaras. We had a very special lesson where we visited a Gurudwara set up in our school! Seeing the Guru Granth Sahib, the chaur and Sikh worshippers was very exciting!


In one of our topic lessons we found a real life mummy discovered by our very own Olive archeaologists! We simply couldn’t believe our eyes! This was perfect for our topic about the Ancient Egyptians. Take a look below!


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