Ibn Abbas Autumn

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It has been a very busy half term in Ibn Abbaas, we have all settled in really well! We are now the oldest children in Key Stage 1.


In literacy we have had a tiger that came to visit us and stole our cakes and made a mess of our locker area! We read the story and did lots of oral rehearsal so that we knew the story really well. We even created our own story about a different animal that came to tea! We started by thinking of lots of adjectives to describe our animal, then we came up with a story plan that helped us to write our very own story about our animal.

We have also looked at instructions this half term and using adverbials of time, imperative verbs, bullet points, numbers, adverbs and adjectives! We even got to make some yummy Greek salad!

Our Greek salad is ready to be mixed and eaten… “DELICIOUS!”


In Maths we have been extremely busy focusing on number, place value, addition, subtraction and sequencing!!! We have explored and used different ways of partitioning, using part, part whole to help us learn new strategies.

During our lessons, we have been using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach in Inspire Maths. For example: using Diennes to represent numbers, drawing the hundreds, tens and ones on place value chart and then solving the calculation by using methods such as, column addition/subtraction.

We have also learnt about money in Maths. Looking at real coins and matching them to the correct value. We discovered different ways of making an amount using a variety of coins!

Remembrance Day

As part of our History topic ‘Remembrance Day’ we have spent time looking at the important work of the soldiers during the war. We found out that jelly babies were first called peace babies after the war and were then reborn in 1953 with the new name of jelly babies!



In science this half term we have been investigating materials. We received a letter from Dr Lab! We had to look at his invention ideas and think about if they were a good idea or not. We learnt about waterproof materials and how we even made paper waterproof for a while, using wax crayons, giving the paper a wax layer to ensure it doesn’t absorb the water.


In RE we have been learning about natural disasters and how different religions continue to support the victims of these natural causes.  We researched the work carried out by brave Muslim and Christian charities to help the victims of famine, tsunami or hurricanes.


Did you know Ancient Egyptians had their brains pulled out through their nose?

This is what we have been learning about in our new Ancient Egyptians topic. We have discovered many facts about Ancient Egypt by researching and reading about related topics such as: pharaohs, hieroglyphics, mummification and Egyptian jobs!

We hope you enjoyed reading!

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