Ibn Al-Awwaam Spring 1

Spring Term 1

Our children have blossomed this term in their confidence and oral presentation skills. It has been performance mad! We explored the fabulous and awe-inspiring work of the literacy Legend: Shakespeare.

Children have worked extremely hard creating their own plays, poems and raps for their Mini Baccalaureate performance that will take place at the end of the Spring Term.


Children have analysed Shakespearean classical plays. We have studied the language features and short scenes from his famous plays ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Children have had opportunities to write in role as the characters by: creating monologues, diaries, letters and newspaper articles.

Following on from this, we explored short story writing based on the Anglo- Saxons. We examined the gruesome battles, torture and punishment during this period and children created their own short stories.

Next, we will focus on debate writing and explore the use of persuasive language and debate on Environmental issues such as fracking.


Ibn Al Awwaam have been getting hands on with measuring angles using a protractor. Very tricky and fiddly! We have also looked at ratio and proportion and used bar modelling to solve words problems on ratio. Children then moved on to identifying the area of a triangle by working out the base and height of a triangle.


Goodbye Romans! Now that the Romans have gone to defend their home territory, Britain was left under no protection. With many gruesome and barbaric battles, The Anglo-Saxons eventually settled in England. Why did they settle? What battles took place? What was life like as an Anglo-Saxon? We analysed historical evidence and artefacts to make claims about Anglo-Saxon life and culture. Children mapped out the British territories and how the Anglo-Saxons have influenced Britain.


‘May the Force be with you’

After an amazing trip to Manchester science museum, children were excited to experiment with balanced, unbalanced forces. We have learnt about gravity, air-resistance, and friction and water resistance.


Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings’      Salvador Dali

The art movement of ‘surrealism’ was examined, whereby dream-like scenes and bizarre representation through the use of juxtaposition and metamorphism of real life objects were used to create a painting.

Salvador Dalí made paintings, sculptures and films about the dreams he had. What would your painting look like if you painted your dreams? Pretty surreal!


Children explored sound using Boomwhackers. Children played along to nursery rhymes and produced a whole class symphony.


We looked at ‘believing and belonging’.  We looked at democracy and how we live in a democratic society and saw how democracy was a part of life in school.  Children have identified their beliefs and responsibilities for the different groups they belong to. Within the topic we have explored the religious approaches of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

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