Ibn Alee Autumn 2

Ibn Alee

A warm welcome to Ibn Ali’s class page!

In Ibn Alee, we have had a fantastic half term learning all about Ancient Greece in English, History and Art. The children have been writing their own myths in English about Ancient Greece, created Greek pottery in Art and produced some wonderful Greek project homework. The children have been learning about Greek myths and legends including myths such as, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ and ‘Apollo and the Chimera.’

This half term the children have been learning about performance poetry and also instructional texts in English. The children were given a dilemma from a fictional manager of a sandwich company, who asked Year 3 to help boost their failing sandwich sales by creating an exciting set of instructions for a new child-friendly sandwich. Ibn Alee rose to the challenge by creating some fantastic new sandwich recipe instructions and designing their own sandwiches. The learning adventure culminated in a trip to the Tesco superstore were we learnt even more about healthy eating.

In Ibn Alee, we feel fantastic as we have successfully completed our first term in the juniors! We have had a great start to the new school year, and feel very fortunate that the Olive school gives us lots of opportunities to create wonderful memories with our friends and unforgettable, learning experiences.


Our Year 3’s celebrated the Mini Baccalaureate 2017 event this half term. This wonderfully exhilarating event celebrated the successes and achievements of our Year 3 children from Year 2. Each Year 3 class gave an enthusiastic and confident performance, filled with action and excitement to a jam-packed audience of parents, governors and staff. Every single Year 3 child had an important role in the Min Bacc and we feel extremely proud of the children who gave an outstanding performance about the STAR values and sang melodious nasheeds.                          

The new Olive building is a sensational place to learn and we believe that having a super learning environment is conducive to having a successful first year in the juniors. We are extremely proud of our new school and we take pride in keeping the learning environment tidy, as well as learning from the fun, interactive displays. Please take a look at some of our classroom displays:   

Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths is an exciting new learning approach we have embarked upon at The Olive School. We are becoming number fluent, meaning that we are able to understand what numbers really mean and how this can be applied in the real world around us. We are becoming increasingly confident in our number skills and we believe that inspire Maths will transform us all into marvelous mathematicians. We use lots of super resources in lesson and have lots of fun! This half term we have been looking at multiplication and division.

Children in need

As a school, we raise money for lots of different, wonderful charities. Most recently, we have raised money and awareness for children in need. The day was a great success with every child wearing something dotty and helping raise lots of money for this great cause.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Super Learning Day

This term, we had a Super Learning Day about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Ibn Alee was fully immersed in the day by participating in lots of engaging and fun learning activities throughout the day about the prophet (pbuh).

Super Christmas Learning week

We had a super week of activities learning about Christmas and the nativity story of Jesus (pbuh). The children also learnt about the Islamic version of the story and wrote fantastic stories in English. Activities included learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and creating some wonderful snowflakes in art. The children also made a Christingle which means ‘Christ Light’ and is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the “Light of the World”. Finally, we culminated our learning experience by having a fantastic and well deserved Christmas party after our Big Star, Little Star assembly.



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