Ibn Ali

Welcome to the amazing Ibn Ali!

We are the oldest children in the school and the only Junior year group. We have had an incredibly busy start to the year. Read about some of the excitingly exhilarating learning we have been up to in Ibn Ali.

Mini Baccalaureate

Let’s begin with the successful, exciting event of the Mini baccalaureate. On the 24th of October, we celebrated and congratulated all the children who received the Mini Baccalaureate. This event took place at Tauheedul Girls’ High School. Before receiving the awards, we performed a play about Superheroes in front of many guests including the governors!

Enrichment – Mad science

We have been mini scientists this term in enrichment. We have been busy being scientists trying out experiments. Firstly, we were looking for magnetic particles in Weetabix! We discovered that Weetabix has many iron particles. We also created invisible ink using lemon juice! We wrote secret messages using lemon juice and used a lamp to reveal the message!

Enrichment – Cooking

Not only were we busy being scientists, we were also chefs during enrichment!

To kick off the term, we made delicious strawberry smoothies. We got to take our scrumptious smoothies home too! We also made Pitta Pizzas using pitta breads. We made smiley faces using a range of ingredients such as basil and olives!


In Literacy, we are learning about stories with familiar settings. In particular, we have been reading The Twits and writing our own version of Mr Twit’s Revenge. We had great fun enacting Mr and Mrs Twits’ dining room scene. Have a read of Farhan’s story. How does Mr Twit take revenge on Mrs Twit in her story? Does he feed her worms or give her a gift of slimy snails. Has Farhan used the following in her story:

  • Capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks.
  • Connectives e.g. when, while, until, because
  • Drop in clauses – who, with, which
  • Simple, compound and complex sentences
  • Adjectives
  • Different sentence openers

roald dahl


In Numeracy, we have been learning to read coordinates and sort shapes onto Carroll diagrams using two criterion. We have been learning to read time, to solve sequences and solve mathematical puzzles!



We have had lots of fun in Art making portraits similar to those created by Archimboldo. We used different mediums such as tissue paper and pastels to make these portraits.



During the Hajj time we got to practise our very own Hajj within our school. We had to pretend that we were really going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thought that we were actually on the pilgrimage!



In History, we have been learning about WW1 and the Armistice. We have been busy scribbling away letters to people abroad telling them about Remembrance Day. Furthermore, we have been writing our own Armistice for Ibn Ali.



In RE, we have focussed in particular on Judaism. In particular, we have learnt about the significance of the Seder Plate and what each food symbolises. Additionally, we have also been busy making our own Christingles in RE and writing instructions on how to make them. Some of us got to take these to our local residential home too!


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