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We have had an incredible half term so far where ‘super’ learning has taken place! A few weeks ago, we had a stimulating workshop which brought the history of Roman Britain to life. We learnt many fascinating facts about the Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain. Children were intrigued by the unique Roman artefact sorting task, where they handled genuine 1800 year old Roman artefacts such as rings, brooches, belt buckles and pottery!


In Maths, children have been focusing on the application of concepts and skills of the four operations to solving word problems. The implementation of the Inspire approach has been transformational. Children have developed a deep understanding of mathematical skills through the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. Our current maths topic is fractions. We started off by adding and subtracting unlike fractions and simplifying them. Children were able to use the bar model to help work out the answer. Next, we will move onto multiplying and dividing fractions.


At the start of the year in English, students explored the classic fiction novel, ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. They created their own fantastic stories with a dump setting. We then explored the life of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Children wrote unbelievable biographies and compared the features to an autobiography. Currently, we are looking at classical poetry by William Blake and William Shakespeare. Children are thoroughly enjoying analysing, comparing and performing these poems.


In R.E, we have been looking at how the world ‘began’. Children were fascinated by the creation stories from different religions and were keen to discover what these different religions stated about ‘caring for the earth’.


Our topic in Art last term was ‘Pop Art’. Children explored the style of ‘Roy Lichtenstein’ and ‘Andy Warhol’. They thoroughly enjoyed applying the skills learnt from these artists to create their own brilliant pop art portraits.

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