Ibn Amr Spring 2

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Hello everyone! The highlight of this term was the sensational Mini Baccalaureate performance! Children have blossomed in confidence whilst creating, rehearsing and performing their own plays on the STAR values.


Our topic in English this half term has been ‘argument and debate.’ Children have been able to identify the features of argument texts and discuss differences between facts and opinions. They have researched ‘for’ and ‘against’ particular topics and held whole class debates. Children have also wrote and edited their own argument texts.



In Maths, children have been looking at multiplying and dividing decimals by giving answers up to three decimal places.  Children have developed a thorough understanding of this topic through the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. They have also mastered multi -step worded problems involving decimals, which require answers to be rounded to specified degrees of accuracy


Ibn Amr kick-started this term with a fabulous thirst for reading! They have participated in many discussions about books, building on their own and others’ ideas and challenging views courteously. They have been discussing and evaluating how authors use language and exploring the meaning in context.

The Olive School, Blackburn

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