Ibn Haarithah Autumn

Our first term in year 6 has been jam-packed full of exciting new learning experiences. We have learnt how to use the narrative technique of writing ‘‘flashback’s, explored atoms in the Atomic Theory and discovered what life was like during the Industrial Revolution. All this knowledge and fascinating topics have been an incredible aid to our learning, which have contributed to the hard work within the interesting topics we have been studying.


‘Flashbacks’ has been the talk of the classroom this term as we have been exploring all sorts of texts which demonstrate the use of this technique by many known authors. ‘Holes by Louis Sachar’ was a popular read in Ibn Haarithah, which inspired some spectacular writing when children created their own Flashback stories!


In maths, Ibn Haarithah have been focusing on place value and working with four/five digit numbers. They have been learning to use the CPA approach to demonstrate their understanding of mathematics and have worked hard to apply this technique to several maths strands explored this term. We have revisited addition and subtraction columnar methods, problem solving using money in real life context. We have successfully learnt how to identify polygons and classify 3D geometric shapes!


Children have shown their entrepreneurial skills this half term learning about the Industrial Revolution. We have used the concept of shillings to buy into the up and coming technology which was available during this time period. For example: a blast furnace, cotton mills and transport. The children enjoyed learning about the investment offers and worked together as a team to build a profitable empire. However, little did they know that their investments affected thousands of workers who were losing their jobs. This caused conflict between the rich and the poor. The ‘luddites’ retaliated and brought damage to the children’s factories and businesses, this taught us to reflect and reconsider the impact of profit versus humanity.


This half term children focused on the unit ‘Keeping the Rules’. We discussed rules from a range of religions and discussed their importance in the lives of people who followed them. Children used the ideals behind each rule to understand how it had an impact within society. What would happen if we were stranded on a desert island with no rules or laws at all? This question prompted the children to work together to establish their own Island rules and to figure out which rules were of more importance than others in order to have a cohesive community.

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