Ibn Jabal Autumn 1

Joyful Ibn Jabal

A warm welcome to Ibn Jabal. Thank you for visiting our page. It’s been a lively first half term.

This first half term has been thoroughly enjoyable with lots of new learning taken place. We were also lucky enough to go on an exciting trip to Samlesbury Hall to taste the life of a person (sorry peasant!) during the Tudor times of King Henry VIII. Check out the pictures below. We have also helped raised money for McMillan Cancer Support during our Coffee Morning.


Year 4 have been studying ‘Stories with Historical Settings’ this half term, learning lots of fascinating things about the Tudor period. ‘The Thief, The Fool and The Big Fat King’ was highly popular which provided some fantastic story writing when the children created their own Tudor stories

Ibn Jabal have also been learning about non-fiction texts, diving into different ones, seeking out their features and also having a go at writing their own pieces of text. We used our recent trip to Samlesbury Hall as our stimulus. There were some amazing written pieces, well done to all! A big thank you to all the pupils and parents/guardians who helped during their Tudor project work. They were amazing!


Ibn Jabal have been focusing on place value to 100,000 (yup that 6 digits!) as well as statistics, looking and creating our own tally chart, bar chart and line graphs. Mathematics isn’t just numbers, we have also been learning some key vocabulary as we go along such as: sub variable, value, estimate, axis and so much more! Ibn Jabal have also been practicing their times tables up to x7. Hopefully, all the pupils will learn all their times tables (up to 12×12) in no time!


Year 4 have been learning about the human eye, its functions and the causes of blindness/partial blindness. We’ve even learnt about why we wear glasses!

Interesting fact – your eyeballs stay the same size from birth, while your nose and ears continue to grow!

Children carried out an investigation to see whether they had a dominant eye by undergoing a series of tasks, with one eye covered. Some interesting results to say the least.

Class Book

Ibn Jabal have selected ‘Gangsta Granny’ as their class novel. A different story to the norm but a wonderful book to read. Everyone’s always eager to find out what happens next!

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