Ibn Jabal Spring 1

Joyful Ibn Jabal – Spring Term 1

A warm welcome to Ibn Jabal. Thank you for visiting our page. We can’t believe it’s already been a full term at the new Olive School!

Spring term 1 has been an incredible learning journey for everyone, including teachers! One of the highlights of the previous term has definitely been our school’s Super Learning Day all about, none other than, the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)! A whole day dedicated to learning about the greatest man to live; learning some of the many miracles, sunnats and teaching we can all take. Year 4, in particular, looked at his first marriage with Khadijah R.A. Congratulations to all who took part (and were successful) in the writing competition; there were some fantastic entries.


Year 4 have been learning about stories from other cultures varying from the warmth of the Amazon to the chilly practices of the Russian culture. The Chinese culture was dissected further and we learnt some fascinating things. This year, the Chinese New Year is the year of the dog. Performance poetry was also introduced and year 4 have had an entertaining time: even performing in front of each classes. Obviously Ibn Jabal were the best performers!


Ibn Jabal have also been working on new place values, specifically decimal points; tenths, hundredths and thousandths! We’ve also incorporated this into fractions and understanding the different types of fractions. As always, times tables are a big thing in Year 4 and our target is for every pupil to know all the times table facts up to 12×12. It’s amazing to see how so many have progressed to the point that we are not just learning our times tables but also the inverses too!

Art & R.E

In our Art topic, Year 4 have been studying and creating our very own Byzantine Mosaics. There were some amazing pieces, which just had to displayed outside our classroom. Each mosaic represents a short message story; can you work them out?

As with last year, our school enjoyed a R.E inter faith week: spending time to understand different religions and why they are so sacred to people. What was most amazing to see was how many similarities all the religions were to Islam, which gave everyone an appreciation to other people’s beliefs and way of life.

The pupils really enjoyed this project as well the company of the two new guests in the classroom, who also tested some of the bird houses made by the pupils.

A story from Mu’adh Ibn Jabal

(To the nearest meaning) Mu’adh Ibn Jabal reported:

“When the Messenger of Allah (saw) sent me to Yemen, he said: ‘Do not pass any judgment or make any decision except on the basis of what you know. If you are uncertain about a matter, wait until you understand it fully, or write to me concerning it.”

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