Ibn Masood Spring 1

Incredible Ibn Masood – Spring term 1

A warm welcome to Ibn Masood. Thank you for visiting our page. We are halfway through a thrilling and fun year and can’t wait for the rest of the year!  


The term kicked off with us becoming actors and doing lots of performances. We then learned about what short stories are and being able to write one of our own. This was a fantastic opportunity to link it with what we were learning in Topic – Anglo Saxons; which allowed us to understand what life was like and how the land was divided in that era.


During the first term of Spring, a heavy focus was placed on ratio which wasn’t the easiest of topics however, we showed lots of grit and determination to make sure we tackled it and understood the concept – we even looked at ratio of three quantities! Later on in the term, we looked at finding the base and height of triangles which helped us with our next challenge – finding the area of a triangle. We look forward to more challenges on our maths journey!

RE Super Learning Week

One of the great things about the Olive School are our Super Learning Days/Weeks and our R.E week was no different. For one week, Ibn Masood learnt about 4 major world faiths (Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism). One of the most amazing aspects, whilst learning about these new faiths, was the similarity that can be linked with Islam. We learnt new things like how the Khalsa was formed, the Eight-Fold Path and the story of Durga! This was a fantastic week where we all learnt new and amazing things about different religions.

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