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Welcome to the webpage of Ibn Sa’d. We are now juniors in Key Stage 2 and we feel very proud and grown up. We have had a brilliant first term in year 3 and we can’t wait to share all the things we have learnt with you.


We have done a lot of work that we are very pleased with in class. Learning about Ancient Greece has been particularly exciting. We have learnt all about the Greek alphabet, what the Greeks used to eat and what their lifestyle was like. We also produced some fabulous homework which we proudly displayed around the class.

When we first started in Ibn Sa’d, we wrote about our goals and aspirations during our time in this class. We then displayed them around the class to remind us of all the wonderful things we want to achieve throughout the year. Being in Ibn Sa’d reminds us that we need to make life a masterpiece and have no limitations on what we can achieve. Take a look at some of our great pieces of work around the classroom.

Inspire Maths

We are continuing to learn Maths through the Inspire Maths approach which will enable us to become magnificent mathematicians! We are learning to understand what numbers really mean and why we have to do the sums we do in real-life situations. We use super resources in every lesson to help us solve challenging maths problems to help us become the best that we can be. Take a look at some of the maths work we have been doing in class.

World Science Day

We have recently celebrated World Science Day which was so much fun! We learnt lots about solids, liquids and gases by making Oobleck Ooze, lava lamps and self-inflatable balloons. We let our minds wonder in amazement with all the fun-filled experiments we conducted.

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