Ibn Saad Autumn 2

Ibn Sa’d

A warm welcome to Ibn Sa’d. Thank you for visiting our page. This term has been filled with many thrilling learning experiences.

Children in Need

During this half term, we were fortunate enough to get a visit by Pudsey bear. The children came into school wearing lots of spotty clothes to help raise money to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We raised £35 as a class. WELL DONE!



This term we have continued to learn about Ancient Greece. We have learnt all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, myths and legends related to Ancient Greece and Greek pottery. The children have designed, produced and painted their own Greek pots. Here are a few:


Year 3 have been learning about healthy eating and what it takes to be healthy. In the process, we have conducted numerous experiments to help enhance our understanding of healthy eating. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to visit TESCO, where we undertook the healthy eating trail. The children learnt many new things such as how much sugar we should intake per day, which foods and drinks contain the most amount of sugar and which foods we need to eat to grow fit and strong. (REMEMBER ONLY 4 SUGAR CUBES PER DAY)


Ibn Sa’d learnt all about instructional writing. In the process, we had the opportunity to create our own healthy sandwiches. The children created their own sandwiches and then wrote detailed instructions telling a friend of how to create their sandwich.

The Olive School, Blackburn

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