Ibn Thaabit Autumn 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to Ibn Thabit- a class of shining stars!

It is nearly the end of our first term in Year 1 and we are all very excited and keen to keep learning. There are still so many things to look forward to and LEARN! Here is what we have been up to this term!

This term, we have been reading both fiction and non-fiction books, in particular one about the weather. This linked to our Science topic, where we have been finding out about the weather, to link with our English. We learnt about different types of cloud and also how some people prepare for dangerous weather, such as hurricanes and severe storms.

We have been reading some brilliant books this term, including Cinderella, The Magic Porridge Pot and The Man on the Moon! We thoroughly enjoyed our space area, identifying all of the planets in space, describing what the moon rock looked and felt like and finding some unusual but interesting souvenirs from space.

In Maths we have had fun learning how to compare numbers, saying which group of items has more or fewer; for this, we used lots of resources like cubes, bead strings, counters and even jelly beans!

Geography taught us about different types of map and we have drawn simple aerial views ourselves after having tour of the school. It was very tricky to begin with but we were able to add our own symbols and keys in the end.

Our RE lessons have been about belonging together and we have discussed families, schools, organisations like the Scouts and our faith.

All of us have been learning new sounds in our Phonics and playing lots of exciting games to help us to remember them. Phonics is super important in Year 1 and we are trying really hard so that our Phonics Screening Check in June will be a breeze.

We are now looking forward to building our own homes in DT this term! Please check back in to see more photos and news on our latest adventures in Ibn Thabit.

The Olive School, Blackburn

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