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A huge welcome from Ibn Umar, we are now in term 2 of our school year.

We started the term of with our new ‘Winter Topic’. We learnt lots of facts about winter and then created our own winter fact booklet for our friends to read.  In our booklets we wrote about the food we eat in winter and what happens to the animals.

This term we also looked at rhyming words through the story of ‘Cat in the Hat’. We then had a go and creating our own winter poems.

We ended the term by looking at the story of ‘The little lost penguin’ we re-enacted the story, explored some the theme of feeling lost, Take a look us performing our story with actions.


During this term in topic, linking in with our literacy of colder climates, we have had a chance to explore and understand the freezing Arctic. After locating it on a globe, it has been interesting to see the climates that the Inuit’s live through as well as some of their habitats.

We also had a super learning day which helped us to have a taster of what it might be like in the Arctic. After travelling in a plane from the classroom to the Arctic Circle, we arrived to our first activity where we tasted heart-warming soup and listened to the traditional story ‘Sedna’.


After learning a little more about Inuit, we then created a fishing net out of material, wire and bamboo sticks. These were fun and exciting to make as well as useful since we used them to catch some fish.

Finally those of us that were brave enough, ventured to taste some seaweed biscuits and some tuna, before flying home to England (our Classroom).

We also had an exciting mini trip to the museum where we explored all the different toys from many different eras. We examined them carefully.

After we had a chance to play with them.

At the end we got a chance to make our own cup and ball.

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