Pastoral System

At The Olive School, we strive to create a disciplined, caring and happy environment where effective learning can take place. Pastoral Care is central to our ethos and we have in place a supportive pastoral system which makes pupil well-being its priority.   Close relationships between teachers and pupils on a day-to-day basis are vital and fully recognised. The Headteacher knows all the pupils and has overall responsibility for all members of school but the pupil’s class teacher is primarily responsible for the pastoral care of the pupil.  The Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers take an interest in all the pupils and are quickly informed of any individual concerns. Playtimes are well supervised and pupils are encouraged to support each other in line with our ethos statement and Personal and Social Curriculum Policy. Lunchtime Supervisors are employed to care for the pupils at lunchtime. There are many organised games and play zones used at lunchtime and we have a specialist play leader to support lunchtime activities.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

We have two designated members of staff for child protection – Executive Headteacher, Mrs J Bradley and Mrs S Riaz/Mrs P Yusuf.  Governor Ismail Adam is lead governor for Child Protection.  We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all pupils and expect our staff, parents and volunteers to share this commitment.  All staff and governors are trained in Child Protection matters.

Behaviour and Discipline

At the Olive School, staff take a positive approach to discipline.  We praise pupils who conform to the School Rules and encourage pupils to develop self-discipline. Parents are asked to help us enforce these rules through discussion with their children. Appropriate behaviour is reinforced in many ways; for example in the weekly Celebration Assembly when pupils achieve recognition and rewards. If pupils make the wrong behaviour choices there is a system of warnings that lead to a variety of consequences.  If a pupil’s behaviour becomes a matter of concern, parents are informed and asked to come to school to discuss the matter and rectify the problem.

Staff aim to be fair, firm and consistent in their behaviour management.  Any incidents will be thoroughly investigated and recorded by an appropriate member of staff.  The Assistant Headteacher keeps a record of any serious incidents.

Children with Additional Needs

The Olive School is a fully inclusive school and aims to ensure that the needs of all pupils are met through the provision of a differentiated curriculum, in which teaching styles, resources and tasks set are adapted appropriately. Pupils will usually be supported within the classroom, withdrawing them only for occasional small group or individual work when appropriate. However, some pupils may have additional needs and require extra support to enable them to reach their full potential. These might include pupils with learning difficulties, those who are exceptionally able, those with a physical disability or those who may be experiencing emotional or behavioural problems.

Continual assessment, both formal and informal, takes place throughout the school and teachers raise with the parents and the Special Needs Coordinator any concerns they have regarding individual pupils’  progress. Strategies are then put in place to support the particular needs of the pupil  through carefully structured programmes, either in small group or individually. These are regularly reviewed and updated to provide the best support at all times. If, despite these interventions, a pupil still does not make progress, the school will seek advice and further assessment from a wide variety of outside agencies.  These include Speech and Language Therapy, Pupil Behaviour Support, Educational Psychology and Social Services. Parental consent is always sought before any external assessment is requested.

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