Olive School and BAE Systems singing from the same song sheet

Olive School join forces with BAE Systems Workplace Choir to end the academic year on a high note.

With BAE Systems crowned the winners of the 2017 Hallé Corporate Choir Competition, it was an exciting opportunity for employees to change their tune and reach out to a school within the local community.

The combined voices joined together for our final assembly on 20th July, with a variety of rehearsals planned leading up to this. One rehearsal allowed pupils from the school to travel to BAE’s ASK Centre (Academy for Skills and Knowledge) in Salmesbury where Luke Mather from the famous Hallé Orchestra in Manchester led an inspiring singing masterclass and workshop.

Fitting for the summer heatwave, the song rehearsed for the big performance was Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’, originally recorded in 1972.

The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and was met with rapturous applause, making the initiative a success.

Julie Bradley, Executive Headteacher, commented:

“It was wonderful to see the children perform in the final assembly of term. They had a fantastic time rehearsing for it, and came back from their trip to Salmesbury bursting with excitement!”

Luke Mather from the Hallé Orchestra delivering interactive vocal training to the combined choir

Pupils rehearsing with the BAE Systems Workplace Choir at their ASK Centre in Salmesbury

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The Olive School, Blackburn

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