Olive School up and running with Team GB gold medallist

Former sprinter Leon Baptiste extended his coaching schedule to inspire pupils  with interactive exercise sessions.

Having won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, Leon Baptiste is a remarkable figure. Showing early promise in his athletics career, Baptiste suffered constant setbacks due to injury to the point where he lost his sponsorship and confidence in 2005. Displaying resilience and an incredible work ethic, Baptiste fought back and now looks to instil the same qualities in the next generation of athletes.

Through the Sports For Champions UK scheme, we were able to welcome Baptiste to deliver fun workout sessions to all classes in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Julie Bradley, Executive Headteacher, commented:

“It was so inspirational to welcome a gold medal winner to our school to show our pupils what can be achieved through hard work and determination. The exercise sessions were enjoyed by all, and the children now have plenty of ideas as to how to remain healthy and active in the future.”

Leon Baptiste shows his medals to pupils

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The Olive School, Blackburn

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