Bint Abee Bakr

Bint Abee Bakr Year 2

Hola everyone! What a wonderful term we’ve had so far. Read on to find out about what we’ve been up to.


This term we learnt about Penguins, the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans! We’ve learnt many interesting facts and pieces of information about how the Egyptians and the Romans lived and how they have affected our lives. Did you know the Egyptians were excellent at agriculture and invented the shaduf to get water from the River Nile to their crops. They were very inventive!

The Romans too came up with many ideas and inventions too, which we still use today like roads, sewage systems and some of our laws.


Can you guess which fact belongs to which topic?

EGPYTIANS                              ROMANS                                       PENGUINS

  • They ate slugs, snails and even peacock brains.
  • To mummify someone they used a hook to pull the person’s brain out through their nostrils.
  • They regurgitate food to feed their young.


In Maths we have been learning how to use our column method to work out addition and subtraction questions with and without regrouping. We have used Diennes, drawings and some of us can even just use the numbers!


Here are some you can try out at home:

26 + 31 =

121 + 257 =

500 + 139 =

= 555 + 333

= 360 + 440

= 679 + 100


89 – 31 =

121 – 57 =

500 – 139 =

555 – 333 =

360 – 140 =

600 – 189 =


In topic we have learnt all about the maps and how to read them. We learnt about compass points and how to plan simple routes to get from one place to another.

We have also been learning about the Romans and how they invaded and conquered Britain for riches like metals and land.


In computing we have learnt how to read, write and send emails. We now know that emails are a form of communication and you can attach sounds, images and videos to them.


In RE we have had a super learning week where we learnt about lots of different religious stories and about key figures like the Buddha, Rama & Sita and the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

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