Ibn Al Awwaam

Spring Term 2

Well done year 5 for a show stopping performance for the Mini Baccalaureate. It was fascinating to see it all come together. The parents, Governors, special guests were amazed at all the hard work the children did to create amazing plays, poems and raps on the school’s STAR values (Service, Teamwork, Ambition, and Respect).

We have had an amazing world book day. Children loved dressing up in their favourite characters and were thrilled to pair up with Year 3 to read their favourite books together.



Children have thoroughly enjoyed learning skills for debating. ‘Should children receive homework?’ ‘Should CCTV cameras be placed in the classrooms?’ ‘Should fracking take place in Blackburn?’ Children explored the use of persuasive language and wrote a balanced argument on Environmental issues such as Fracking. Children were able to look at relevant issues that are affecting the Lancashire area.

Next we moved on to exploring fantasy short stories. Children will create their own fantasy short story based on the story of ‘Wizard of OZ’.


Year 5 have been exploring decimals. Children have been multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10,100, 1000. As well as looking at decimal money problems and multiplying and dividing decimals by whole numbers.


Children continued with the art movement of ‘surrealism’. They created pastel drawings and bizarre representation through the use of juxtaposition and metamorphism of real life objects.

Salvador Dalí made paintings, sculptures and films that were surreal! Children represented their Mini Baccaleaureate  performance through the representation of surreal art.


We have looked at the topic ‘change and death’. There are different stages of life and we have looked at the Islamic, Christian and Hindu beliefs on death and afterlife. Children have learnt that death is not always a bad thing and it is a way that we can celebrate someone’s life and hold onto to the wonderful memories of a loved one.






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