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A warm welcome to Ibn Ali’s class page!

In Ibn Alee, the children have had a fantastic half term learning all about Ancient China in their English and History lessons. Their learning journey began with an exhilarating super learning day, where the children embraced the theme by dressing as traditional Chinese boys and girls. The children in Year 3 took part in this fun filled day of activities to include taste testing using chopsticks, examining Chinese artefacts, learning all about Chinese culture, art and festivals. The children also created incredible project homework based on the Ancient China topic, which was proudly displayed in the classroom.


This half term the children have also been learning about plays in English. The children have been studying various playscripts including Dick Whittington and his cat, learning about how actors use playscripts to perform plays using a script and stage directions.

The children are extremely proud of their school and take pride in keeping the learning environment tidy, as well as learning from the fun, interactive displays. Please take a look at some of our classroom displays:

Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths is an exciting learning approach we have embarked upon at The Olive School. We are becoming number fluent, meaning that we are able to understand what numbers really mean and how this can be applied in the real world around us. We are becoming increasingly confident in our number skills and we believe that inspire Maths will transform us all into marvelous mathematicians. We use lots of super resources in lesson and have lots of fun! This half term we have been looking at multiplication and division.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This half term, the children have had a super learning week all about how to keep our minds healthy and happy as well as our bodies. The children took part in daily mindfulness and self-esteem activities, teaching the children strategies to be able to deal with their emotions.

Super R.E Learning Week

This half term the children had a super week of activities learning about religions from around the world. The children learnt more about the faiths of Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism. Activities included learning about religious festivals, symbols, religious artefacts and stories. The children learnt of the similarities and differences between the religions and Islam.

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