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This term, Ibn Amr were given the amazing opportunity to participate in an interfaith workshop programme. These workshops have enabled children to develop friendships with PenPals and awareness of the diverse cultural values and beliefs of fellow counterparts from the other school. Through various activities, children have understood the importance of working together with people of different faiths and ethnic background and respecting each other to build and support our community.


Ibn Amr kick-started this term with understanding Mean (average).  Children learnt how to apply the mean concept and part whole concept to solve problems involving more than one set of items. We then moved onto our next topic ‘percentages’ this involved solving up to 2 step worded problems to find the percentage for a part of a whole and the percentage of a quantity. Children also answered percentage worded problems involving discount, service charges and annual interest. Our current topic is amazing angles. We have been looking at unknown angles on a straight line, at a point and vertically opposite angles.


We started the term by exploring fantasy short stories where children created their own fantastic fantasy short story based on the story of ‘Wizard of OZ.’ We then moved on to exploring the famous narrative poem ‘Lady of Shalott.’ It was extremely exciting to summarise and analyse stanzas of the poem; discovering how Tennyson contrasted Lancelot with the Lady of Shallot. Our current topic is product advertisements. Children are having a great time creating and rehearsing their own advertisement; ensuring it is intriguing and persuasive.

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