Ibn Jabal

Joyful Ibn Jabal – Spring Term 2

A warm welcome to Ibn Jabal. Thank you for visiting our page. Two amazing terms have finished and it only gets better as we head into the final, summer term.

The Spring term has been thoroughly enjoyable as well as educational, with so many activities in between! Year 4 have had two amazing trips. The first was at Blackpool Zoo, learning about animal conservation and what we can do to help preserve these precious creations. As it was close to Easter, Year 4 had left a few messages of happiness for all those celebrating. Have a look below.


Year 4 have been learning about stories with issues and dilemmas; understanding that problems can in fact play a major role throughout, rather than just within one part of the story. Our class novel was The Dancing Bear by the critically acclaimed Michael Morpurgo. A fantastic book for all ages to devour into. Linking with our trip to Blackpool Zoo, Year 4 have also been learning about persuasive writing, detailing our own opinions on whether or not zoos should exist. Finishing off our term an introduction into Tanka poetry was provided, which is similar to a Haiku but we’ll let you complete the research!


During our last half term, we have been extending our knowledge of fractions and decimals; moving into 3 decimal places (tenths, hundredths and thousandths). Times tables are always a key factor and it’s amazing to see the progress all the pupils have made. Top heavy fractions, improper fractions, mixed fractions, simplifying, adding & subtracting, converting and the list goes on! Do you know what that line in a fraction is called? Hint: it’s not called ‘The line’.

R.E Super Learning Week & DT

One of the great things about the Olive School are our Super Learning Days/Weeks and our R.E week was no different. For one week, Ibn Jabal learnt about 4 major world faiths (Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism). One of the most amazing aspect, whilst learning about these new faiths, was the similarity that can be linked with Islam. We learnt how a Guru (Sikhism) has to have certain qualities to even be considered one; qualities that are similarity attributed to a Moulana. We learnt how Jews have a holy book, face a certain direction when praying and also have special days to fast and holy pilgrimage if they can afford to do so. Our enjoyment of this week led us to have a project; creating special places of worship. Just have a look at some below, amazing work! A big thank you to all the pupils and those who helped.

Children in Year 4 also learnt how to create pop up cards and the different possible mechanisms. We used these pop up cards to create messages for animal conservations and the dangers we humans are creating to the animals around the world.

A story from Mu’adh Ibn Jabal

(To the nearest meaning) Mu’adh Ibn Jabal reported:

“When the Messenger of Allah (saw) sent me to Yemen, he said: ‘Do not pass any judgment or make any decision except on the basis of what you know. If you are uncertain about a matter, wait until you understand it fully, or write to me concerning it.”

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