Ibn Salamah


Our unit in DT was all about ‘Moving Pictures’ so we made our very own clock with moving hands! We also got to practise telling the time. Ask us and we can show you o’clock and half past!


The United Kingdom

In English, we studied a non-fiction text all about the UK! We looked at the features, described each country and even got to make a traditional scone. Miss Plummer cooked them for us and we enjoyed them with some jam and cream! We thought they were delicious.


Class Performance

We loved learning about the UK so we decided to perform a class assembly. We practised our lines and added some actions then invited our parents to come and watch! We had so much fun being were fantastic performers!


This half-term had a visit from Warburtons. We learnt how to make healthy choices when eating and also how to reduce food waste. We learnt more about having a balanced diet, how to make food hygienically and even got to make our own sandwich from a choice of delicious, healthy fillings.


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