Year 2: Trip to Corporation park – Remembrance Day (November 2014)

Year 2 trip to Corporation park – Remembrance Day

Year 2’s History topic for the second half term was the First World War and understanding the importance of ‘Remembrance Day’.  Children commenced the topic by learning about the significance of jelly babies and how they came into being. They learnt that jelly babies were first launched in 1918 to celebrate the end of the First World War after 4 years of a terrible conflict.  Children learnt that originally the jelly babies were called ‘Peace Babies’ and quickly became very popular with everybody as they represented peace and the end of the Great War. They also learnt that during the Second World War (1939) production ceased because of a shortage of ingredients, however ‘Peace Babies’ were ‘reborn’ in 1953, renamed ‘jelly babies’ and they remained just as popular. The children learnt about how people of different ages, interests and appearances live together in harmony and they learnt that the reason why the jelly babies had different colours was to represent all people from all of the nations.

Another important aspect that was covered in the History lessons was the children learning of the significance about the wearing of poppies.  Children learnt that poppies are worn around a special time in November and one day in particular, 11th November, the day the war ended, is called Remembrance Day.  Children studied pictures of war memorials and learnt that in many parts of the country special memorials had been constructed inscribed with the names of those people who had died during the First World War and other wars.  On the special day, the 11th November, at 11 o’clock everyone at Olive School stood quietly and respectfully for two minutes to remember those people who had died in the many wars that have taken place.

Children learnt that the Remembrance Day Parade takes place at the Cenotaph in London and that the Queen, Religious Leaders, politicians, representatives of many states and members of the armed and auxiliary forces all take part in the service.  They watched a video of the Queen placing the first wreath in the ceremony, followed by other members of the Royal family.

Having learnt all about Remembrance Day, all 3 classes from Year 2 walked all the way to Corporation Park to visit the Remembrance Garden.  Children saw the poppies and wreaths that had been laid in the Remembrance Garden on Remembrance Day.  Children also read the encryptions on the plaques that had been inserted into the ground of all the soldiers from Blackburn who had died during the Great War.

Upon returning to the school, the children had an exciting lesson retelling their experience of having visited the Remembrance Garden and wrote a postcard to a friend imagining that they had visited the Cenotaph having seen the Queen placing her wreath.

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