Year 3 Mini Baccalureate

Mini Baccalaureate

1Our Year 3’s celebrated the Mini Baccalureate. This exhilarating and successful event celebrated the achievements of our Year 3 children in Year 2. Filled with excitement and action, our parents, governors and staff were awe-struck by the enthusiasm and confidence our Year 3 children presented on stage.

The ceremony started off with a breath-taking recitation of the Quran by Abdullah and Fatimah from Ibn Saa’d.  This was followed by a gripping performance on Superheroes which our children have been learning about in Literacy.  Ibrahim Degya and Rayyan Khanjra showcased a super performance of Superman and Batman in full costume attire.  Our Year 3 choir performed nasheeds in Arabic and English with their melodious voices.   Oozing with confidence, our children walked on the catwalk to display their tremendous Superhero Costumes in front of our parents.  Thereafter, the rest of our children, with their meticulous costumes and immense confidence, acted out their respective scenes about superheroes.

After their spectacular performance, our children told our audience why behaviour, attendance and results are important in receiving the Mini Baccalaureate. To round off the event, our successful achievers were presented with their certificates and awards by our Head teacher Mrs Bradley and our Chair of Governors Mr Faruq Dasu.



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