Each pupil has a personalised learning journey designed to challenge and support them.  The school has a rigorous half-termly assessment cycle to track progress in Reading, Writing, Phonics and Mathematics and these are regularly reviewed by the senior leadership team and governing body.

Half-termly pupil progress meetings are also conducted with all class teachers to discuss progress and early action is taken to address any areas of concern. Parents also have an important role to play.  They receive half-termly progress cards and are required to attend performance review meetings that cover their child’s academic progress, attendance and behaviour.

In May each year, Year 2 pupils carry out their end of Key Stage 1 Assessments. Previously known as SATs (statutory assessment tests), these identify pupils’ national curriculum level before they enter Key Stage 2. Every child will complete a test or task for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

The pupils’ levels are obtained from the tests and from the teacher’s assessments that are carried out during the year. This shows us what pupils have learned and retained during the previous two years. The tests help school understand the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil in each subject.


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Pupil Absence Form

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