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At the Olive School, we enrich the curriculum and accelerate learning through Super Learning Days or Weeks.  Each year we plan a number of events for the pupils to participate in. Each term pupils will have a Super Learning Week/Day linked to the topic they are learning about. The idea behind Super Learning Week/Day is that they provide fun opportunities for pupils to apply learning from many curriculum areas, but also help pupils further develop skills, perseverance and the ability to work collaboratively with others including parents.

Other events include ‘Enterprise Week’ where pupils have the opportunity to design, make and sell a product of their choice in order to develop their understanding of business and enterprise. In addition, we will have a ‘Creative Arts Week’ where the whole school takes part in a wide range of different ICT, art and music/Nasheed activities linked to a specific theme.

As well as these planned weeks, there are a number of special days such as Sports Day, World Book Day, Problem Solving Day, Community Day and Practical Science Day.

We also have a huge range of school visits and each class goes out on visits on a termly basis. We also welcome visitors to the school to work with pupils on various curriculum areas and help to bring their learning to life.

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Academic Year 2017-2018

The Olive School, Blackburn

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Pupils’ charity drive to help Blackburn’s vulnerable

Young pupils at The Olive School, Blackburn are learning the importance of kindness as part of a special festive charity drive to help vulnerable people in the local area.

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