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“I’d expected that the children would want to go home after such a long day and they’d be reluctant to stay for another hour- but I was definitely wrong! Even at 3:45pm, they don’t want to leave the classroom. Simply incredible!”

At our school, enrichment sessions are delivered Monday to Thursday from 2:45pm- 3:45pm.

Our teachers design enrichment tasks, materials and opportunities in the course of the normal planning and schemes of work. We are strong believers of integrating enrichment opportunities with the mainstream curriculum to ensure continuity and progression.

Our enrichment programme involves:

  • Developing skills and subject knowledge in depth
  • Rounding out curriculum subjects with a wider context
  • Relating learning to new areas
  • Promoting a higher level of thinking
  • Including additional subject areas
  • Balance of pace and reflection
  • And of course…Challenge! Enjoyment & Risk-taking!

Click here to see a full list of our Autumn 1 Enrichment Clubs!

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